About Us

Giving our customers the greatest return on their investment

Governing Values

Mission Statement: Food Pro is in business to help people manage their business with the greatest dollar return on their investment. All of our efforts and products are designed to meet this end.

As we strive to accomplish this, we base our actions on 10 governing values:

  • We Serve God. We give Him the glory for our success and growth. We are accountable to God to be good stewards of our time, money, and actions. We dedicate all our efforts to His cause. By example we share His light.
  • We Commit To Integrity In All Of Our Actions. We leave no doubt as to the character of the company and our employees. We demand our business associations to practice integrity in their actions.
  • We Make A Positive Difference In Business. Our efforts are committed to excellence; to go the extra mile to help others succeed.
  • We Product Quality. In both the workplace and the marketplace, we provide quality products and services.
  • We Serve The Customer. We are customer driven; and in harmony with our values, we give customers what they seek. We work for the customer.
  • We Wisely Manage Corporate Resources. As a corporation and as individuals, we realize the value of good stewardship with all our human resources and our material assets for the purpose of fulfilling the company‚Äôs vision
  • We Value Our Employees. We recognize that FoodPro Distributing is only as good as its employees. We commit to provide a productive and solid career for all FoodPro Employees.
  • We Welcome Innovation And We Adapt To Change. We constantly evaluate what we are doing and compare it to what is possible and what is needed. Nothing in society remains the same – neither can we.
  • We Practice Teamwork. We Consider those who work for or associate with FoodPro Distributing to be members of our team. We recognize that each customer, employee, supplier, or anyone else associated with FoodPro has a unique contribution to make to our team effort.
  • We Are Financially Independent. As a company we are debt free and not in boadage to any person or entity. All decisions are make focusing on the objectives and values of the company.